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Surface Go - aida 64 UWP raport



<<< System >>>


Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation

Product Name: Surface Go

SKU: Surface_Go_1824_Consumer

Device Name: DESKTOP-P8BLI04

Device ID: ec608ed6-42ba-83b1-37a2-c3f556d039e8

Root Device Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation

Root Device Model: Surface

Root Device Category: Computer.Tablet. M$ Corporation

Internal Storage Capacity: 56.86 GB

Internal Storage Free Space: 22.42 GB

External Storage Capacity: 238.50 GB

External Storage Free Space: 115.54 GB


<<< CPU >>>


CPU Model: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 4415Y @ 1.60GHz

CPU Codename: Kaby Lake-U/Y

Manufacturing Process: 7 nm

Instruction Set: 64-bit x86

CPU Revision: 806E9h

Logical Processors: 4


<<< Display >>>


Screen Diagonal: 9.99 inches

GPU Model: Intel(R) HD Graphics 615

GPU Vendor ID: 8086h (Intel)

GPU Device ID: 591Eh

Dedicated Video Memory: 256 MB

Shared System Memory: 4096 MB

Default Orientation: Landscape

User Interaction Mode: Mouse + keyboard touchscreen + surface pen

Full Screen Mode: No


<<< Network >>>


<< Połączenie sieciowe Bluetooth >>

Profile Name: Połączenie sieciowe Bluetooth

Connectivity Level: None

Domain Connectivity Level: None

Max Inbound Data Transfer Rate: 3 Mbps

Max Outbound Data Transfer Rate: 3 Mbps

IANA Interface Type: Ethernet

Network Authentication Type: None

Network Encryption Type: None

Network Name: Połączenie sieciowe Bluetooth


<< Wi-Fi >>

Profile Name:Nasze Koci łapci

Connectivity Level: InternetAccess

Domain Connectivity Level: None

Wysłane z aplikacji [Zawartość widoczna tylko dla zalogowanych użytkowników] UWP dla Windows 10

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