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Windows 8.1 x64 [EN] [2019.06-NiKKA]

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NiKKA p r e s e n t s :    

Win8.1 64bit: Core, Pro, Pro Media Center, Pro VL, Enterprise


Info: [Zawartość widoczna tylko dla zalogowanych użytkowników]


Source: Win8.1U3(IR5) ISO

Type: System, x64 (64bit)
Language: English
Volume: 1xDVD9, bootable ISO, bootable USB
Create Date: 2019.06.25
Release Date: 2019.06.26
By: NiKKA            


- Nothing removed
- Integrated updates released after U3 up to 2019.06
- Integrated NET 3.5 (contains NET 2.0 i 3.0)
- Integrated NET 4.7.2 (contains all previous NET 4.x.x)
- NET 4.8 - see in EXTRAS folder or install on WU
- DirectX and KB_post-install installed by setupcomplete.cmd
- Versions 64bit to install: Core, Pro, Pro Media Center
  Pro VL, Enterprise
- You can install with your original key


Size ISO: 4,65 GB (bytes: 4 994 555 904)
SHA1 ISO: 3c5e53d599b19e3b17c516a3bb59282fd9ba1a4e

Burn ISO on DVD (DVD9) or mount in daemon or VMware or prepare bootable USB (8GB minimum):

[Zawartość widoczna tylko dla zalogowanych użytkowników]

P.S. Do not remove the USB/DVD during the installation until it is fully installed - get a working desktop.

System settings unchanged. Integrated via Slipstream. Mastering via scripts (DISM, IMAGEX, OSCDIMG, CMD).




[Zawartość widoczna tylko dla zalogowanych użytkowników]


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