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Windows 7/8 Standard Driver
File Name: nvidia-geforce-graphics-driver-lite-430.53-win8-win7-64bit-30-04-2019.exe
SHA-256: f436aec5869201d99e46d3930b15fa342a7dd81b94e2854ce63f050dabd2c39e
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Windows 10 Standard Driver
File Name: nvidia-geforce-graphics-driver-lite-430.53-win10-64bit-30-04-2019.exe
SHA-256: 11b31e24208a2ee3e45989ba6a51215f681dcedf78b934bdba8182942ad4c013
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Windows 10 DCH Driver
File Name: nvidia-geforce-graphics-driver-lite-430.53-win10-64bit-dch-30-04-2019.exe
SHA-256: db0550a61b3f12b0dd1a0a579e8d76685798c16efa7d85353cf891ad6e9c754f
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Release Notes 

Windows 10 Standard Driver 

  • Graphics Driver
  • HD Audio Driver
  • PhysX System Software
  • Update Core
  • NGXCore
  • PPC


  • Update Core (for game profile update) can be selected during installation
  • Remove "NIVIDIA telemetry monitor" and "NIVIDIA crash and telemetry reporter" which included in Update Core Component
  • Remove Display Driver NvTelemetry Plugin for NVIDIA Container
  • Remove all NVIDIA Help HTML files (NvCplSetupInt.exe file size reduce ~72 MB (~74%))
  • Remove NvInstallerUtil.dll (Telemetry), NVNetworkService.exe and NVNetworkServiceAPI.dll in NVI2 folder
  • Remove NvTelemetry64.dll
  • Include a Utility (AutoHotkey Script) which allow selecting installation switches and support automatic installing unsigned driver
  • Support add Hardware ID in INF
  • Add Dolby Digital Format on HDMI output ("NVIDIA Output" Sound Property -> Advanced Tab -> Default Format: Dolby Digital)
  • Add Dolby Home Theater v4 and Dolby Advanced Audio v2 support
  • Apply TweakForce Xtreme-G Registry Modification on INF:
    • Paletted Textures In Video Memory
    • Render Quality Flags
    • Target Flush Count
    • Texture Clamp Behavior
    • Texture LOD Bias
    • Use Cached PCI Mappings
    • Texture Memory Space
    • Downloaded Memory Space
    • Texture Precache
    • UMA Fast Frame Buffering
    • Main 3D rendering
    • Triple Buffering
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